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Principal Perspectives - Dave Warner

Dear Timberwolf Families,


Spring has properly sprung in Northern Colorado with several inches

of snow and sleet locally, while our friends to the west in the

beautiful Rockies have several feet of snow.  


We are rapidly approaching the end of the 2023-2024 school year. 

Spring Break traditionally signals to educators that CMAS (state

assessments for 3rd-5th grade students) and end of year testing will

soon take place.  Tips to ensure your child is ready for this testing

season include the following:


1. Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep before a test, and

make sure your child eats properly the day of a test.
2. Ensure that your child is present during testing (children generally

perform better when taking tests in their groups rather than at a

make-up time).
3. Get your child to school on time the day of the test.
4. Wish your child good luck each morning of the test. Tell your child

that he/she is special and that you believe in him/her!
5. Remind your child the test is important. Encourage him/her to do

his/her best.
6. If your child is too ill to attend, please call the school office.
7. If the test is on a subject for which you can review (spelling test,

math facts, etc.), help your child go over the material.
8.Remind your child to listen carefully to the instructions from the

teacher and to read the directions and each question carefully.
9. Tell your child to attempt to answer all of the questions and not

to leave any blank.
10. Encourage your child to stay focused on the test, even if other

students finish early. 
11. If your child is disappointed after taking a test, reassure him or

her that there will be plenty of opportunities to improve and


Continue to read nightly with your child at home.  This is one of the single most important activities related to academic success that parents can do to help their child achieve at higher levels.  Please read all information coming home from the office and your classroom teacher as it is a busy time of the year.  If you have a child who will be ready for Kindergarten during the 2024-2025 school year and have not contacted the office, please do so soon.  

Thank you for your partnership at UCE! 


Mr Warner


Union Colony Elementary School

Parents and Students

Complete the following items before the 2024-25 school year begins


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As a charter school we have a degree of freedom in determining the educational process based on the needs of the students who attend UCES.  A key part of our founding was the belief that our trained teachers, who know their students, should be involved in a collaborative process that determines the culture, climate, and curriculum used at this school.  While basics remain the same, our student body brings unique challenges with their diverse language and cultural backgrounds.  Our faculty, working with administration, has worked hard to develop an educational approach focused on preparing our students to begin a journey of success in life. While we were founded to prepare students for success at our secondary campus across from Aim Community College, we believe that this preparation will serve the children of this community no matter where they continue their educational process.

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