Transition Years: Kindergarten, Sixth Grade, and Ninth Grade With Us!

Union Colony Schools elementary school students playing with letter blocks.

Big changes happen in key school years. Kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grades mark exciting new chapters for students. At Union Colony’s (UCS) tuition-free K-12 charter school, we ensure these transitions are safe, smooth, and supportive.

Why Choose Us?

We have small class sizes with a big focus on connection. Your child gets the attention they deserve, the encouragement they want and the guidance they need. Our teachers know each student by name. They understand their strengths and supercharge their growth, especially for those who are learning English as a second language. In short, we unlock unique abilities while teaching our K-12 students how to work well with others. Our close-knit community stands out in a world of big and overwhelming schools.

Kindergarten: Kicking off an Adventure

Kindergarten is a kid’s first step into formal education. It’s where they tip-toe into a bigger world filled with wonder and exploration. UCS teachers create an awe-inspiring environment where young scholars feel safe and inspired to explore. They focus on building a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math alongside creative subjects like art and music.

From PE and foundational learning to art and music, our small classes and student-centered program ensure every student is seen and valued. And it’s not just our teachers who care, our 5th graders often help new kindergarten students walk safely to their automobiles at the end of the day. 

Sixth Grade: Building Confidence

Transitioning to middle school can be daunting, but not with us. Sixth grade at our school is about building confidence and independence. Our staff regularly checks on students to ensure they are easily integrating and evolving.

Our curriculum balances academic rigor with fun activities like elementary field day and high school karaoke night! Students engage in subjects like science and history while having technology, art, and physical education opportunities. This balanced approach helps scholars grow into well-rounded teenagers.

Safety is a top priority. We provide a secure environment where students can focus on their studies and personal growth without worries.

Prep students working at laptops.

Ninth Grade: Stepping into High School

Starting high school is a gigantic milestone (at least, that's how the students describe it!). Ninth grade at our charter school is even more balanced between academics, extracurricular activities and college or post-graduate plans. With options like concurrent enrollment at Aims Community College, students can earn college credits or trade certificates while still in high school.

We offer a variety of outside-the-classroom activities. From sports to drama clubs, we allow students to hone their passions and develop leadership skills.

Join Us for Fall 2024

As you consider the best school for your child, think about the difference our small class sizes, safe environment, and supportive teaching can make. Whether your child is starting kindergarten, entering middle school, or starting high school, we're here to help them thrive. Enroll now or contact us for more information!

About Union Colony Schools

Union Colony Schools’ innovative approach provides a tuition-free education rich in arts, music, technology and athletics to students in the greater Greeley, Colorado area. With two convenient campuses serving K-5 and 6-12, our dedicated teachers educate for a life of leadership and academic success. Join our close-knit, thriving K-12 schools, where the community is the heart of our mission, and everyone knows your name. We're enrolling.

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