Music & Arts at UCS

Music & Arts at UCS
The band room at Union Colony Preparatory School. It is brightly lit with high ceilings and many music stands and chairs.

We believe art education is essential to a well-balanced, whole-child education. While inadequate funding and pressure to increase reading and math scores has forced many schools to make difficult cuts to art and music programs, Union Colony Schools have maintained our commitment to tuition-free equal access to art, music and theater. Instead of viewing art education as a side to more important academic learning, we believe that art education is an answer to improving test scores and academic performance

A bulletin board at Union Colony Elementary School showcases student work. A title reads WATCH ME SHINE and there are student paintings of trees in the fall.

Union Colony Elementary School K-5

All Union Colony K-5 students enjoy weekly music and art classes taught by certified, experienced teachers. We see our students thrive in these classes, unlocking skills and potential they didn’t know existed. Additionally, our elementary teachers incorporate art and music into daily learning, weaving songs, skills and creativity into the curriculum. 


Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, and verbal skill. A quality music education has been shown to improve development of self-control, planning, and verbal intelligence. Fine Arts learning can also improve motivation, engagement, creativity, communication, collaboration, and teamwork—all skills that the leaders of tomorrow will need!

A hallway and bulletin boards at Union Colony Preparatory School showcases student art work. One bulletin board holds black and white drawings. The other has vibrantly colored landscapes.

Union Colony Preparatory School 6-12

At the Preparatory level, our vibrant arts program includes a diverse offering of classes that are available to every student. From ceramics to painting and drawing, our 6th-12th grade students learn new skills, problem solve and take risks in art classes. 


On the musical side of things, we have a variety of choir classes and a successful competitive jazz band. Our Drama department also offers opportunities to participate in theater, both on-stage and behind the scenes, in several productions throughout the year. 


We believe everyone needs a platform for self-expression and joy, and we help our students find theirs by providing opportunities to try new things while supporting their confidence. There is something for everyone in Union Colony Schools tuition-free arts and music programs. Join us and open a door to imagination, creativity, and fun!


About Union Colony Schools

Union Colony Schools provide a tuition-free college prep education rich in arts, music, technology and athletics to students in the greater Greeley, Colorado area. With two convenient campuses serving K-5 and 6-12, our dedicated teachers educate for a life of leadership and academic success. Our close-knit, highly rated K-12 schools are evidence of our Excellence in Education. Join us, we're enrolling.

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